What is the construction of LED lighting fixture?

LED lighting fixture consists of the following parts: 

1. Power input interface: To connect the power supply.
2. Cover of LED lighting fixture: The appearance of the LED light, to radiate the heat of the LED light.
3. Lampshade of LED lighting fixture: To gather the lighting together, prevent electric shock, prevent glare effect.
4. Lighting source: comprised by N units of LED, it is the main part of the lighting fixture. It can produce the light.
5. LED driver: Since the working voltage of every single LED is very low (between 2.8 -3.6VDC), and the range of the working voltage is very small, LED cannot work by normal voltage. It has to control the input power to constant voltage and constant current by circuit. LED driver will directly affect the lifespan of LED and the LED lighting fixture.

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