What is Next Day Delivery?

If one order is over £55.00, they will enjoy the FREE UK next day delivery service. If it fails to deliver next day, we would not refund the deliver fee because it is free.
If you pay for the Next Day Delivery and it fails to deliver next day, we only could request the difference price between the Standard Deliver(2~3 days) fee and Next Day Delivery fee as long as it fulfills the Standard Deliver(2~3 days) service.
For example,one order's Standard Deliver(2~3 days) is £2.38 and the Next Day Delivery is £3.85, if it fails to deliver next day but it has been delivered in 2~3 days, we only could request a partial refund( £1.47) for you.
For more information about the Next Day Delivery Service, please follow up this picture below.
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