Failed to place an order

If you fails to place an order in order to locate and analyze the reason, please request the info below for us, we will do our best to help you further.

1.The screenshot for that page which failed to order.
2.Do you login or not login before placing an order?
3.Free Shipping On Orders Over £55.00? Or not free shipping.
4.Place an order on computer or mobile phone? If mobile phone, which phone? Operation system version number?
5.Which browser do you place that order on? Version number? 
6.Which payment method? PayPal or Credit card?



The unable to place an order calls were pretty much due to clients not filling in their full details in the secure checkout or due to using internet explorer or safari rather than chrome or Firefox.

I would recommend for the expiration date on the credit card details on the website to be MM/YY rather than MM/YYYY since every card should have 20 as the first 2 digits of the expiration date of the year.

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