How to replace a fluorescent tube with a LED Tube?

To replace a fluorescent tube with a LED tube, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Bypass the starter and ballast.

Step 2: Connect the Live line and neutral line into the same lamp holder of the bracket.


1). Please do not connect the two lines into the different ends of the bracket.

2). Please be sure that the L and N pin should be separately connected with the Live line and Neutral line.

Step 3This is a single-end LED Tube, after wiring, you can insert the bi-pin end of the tube into the lamp holder directly.

Step 4: Twist the tube slightly to fix it in the bracket.

Step 5: Switch on the Power Supply to light it up.

Please bypass the ballast according to your own situation. Or let me know more details about the issue on your end. I’d do my best to help.

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